Message to visitors

In 2000 I wrote in “Cerebrus” that I’m a man who passionately believes that psychology can have a privileged role in the development of Mankind and the Quality of Life in the XXI Century. For this, psychology dedicates to understand how the psychological processes develop and transforms them into management tools, which allow Mankind to use them in daily life in order to increase the potential wellbeing.”

Ten years have passed and I find these words weren’t exclusively mine. Many psychologists around the world are dedicated to this issue and brought the usefulness of psychology in today’s society into the limelight.

By joining Positive Psychology and the role of positive emotions on the optimization of human potential, many technicians and curious scholars reinforce the idea that we are pointing in the right direction.

If this website contributes for the quest for positive attitude and selflessness in Psychology, allowing the users to retain something for themselves, my goals will be fulfilled.